Sunday, October 31, 2010


The Happiest of Halloweens to all of you out in blog-land!! Sorry I've been such a fair-weather blogger over the past 2 weeks. Things have been really busy with my real jobbie and traveling for vintage gold, but I promise I'll be updating on the magical finds we've come across and picked up and cleaned; and adventures we've had. Until then enjoy the day and watch out for ghouls and goblins (one in our neighborhood smashed our pumpkin already last night).

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween images I've seen over the last year or so. ENJOY:


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glorious findings this weekend

Surprisingly, we didn't have any huge purchases this week, but we did find a few fun things that made me squeal with a little delight so of course I've decided to post them. =)

Deal of the WEEK:  this cosco stool in MINT condition (just needs a little cleaning, no rips in the seat and seriously NO rust--which equals no elbow grease for me OR Matty) and we got it for 5 bucks!!!!

please don't mind Matty phone's charger, the fixed hole in the wall, or our laundry basket....OOPS!

even the label was still in awesome shape!! Now to sell or not to sell?! We already have a yellow one in this style:

...and hence the reason why it's surrounded by all that crap! haha sorry about that.

We also scored some melted plastic popcorn decorations

And we got the vintage little cardboard pumpkin for 25 cents at the thift store a block from our house. WEEE! Matty strung them up with thread so they hang in the window. Seriously, how fun are they?!?! AND at 80 cents a piece you can't beat it! It's strange I've seen these little ghosties go for quite alot on ebay but I feel like I see them every where??...all well, glad I finally got a few, myself! I'm still looking for the Thanksgiving turkey, indians and pilgrims...<3

I'm such a sucker for these!!! so holiday user-friendly!

We also got this crazy thing....we THINK it's a wine or liquor rack

At first I was REALLY skeptical. the wood was really dry and dirty.Here's the bottom of the piece, if you can imagine the rest of it looking like this you would have passed it up too when you first saw it. It actually looked home-made to me.

but Matty stood by it and with a little help from our good friend Old English...
the wood looks super healthy!
It's defintely danish too. If you turn it over there's a label burned into the wood.

Matty's been doing a little research and he told me he found out that "DANSK" is a danish company that made/makes bar and kitchen items. That man of mine sure has a great eye! We don't have the room for a bar in our current house so right now we're using it as a plant stant.

Either way, it's growing on me. Anyone know anything else about this piece that we might have missed??

and last but not least, Matty finally got the his skinny trash can that will fit in the crook between his desk and the wall.

aww, adorable!

Anyway, next week is going to be filled with treasures! Matty and I are both off this coming weekend, and we are going to pick up the cabinet I listed a few posts ago. I CAN'T WAIT! plus, we are finally renting our storage unit for some of the overflow we've accumulated. Our basement is a little too musky for our danish dining set and my grandmother's blonde 1950's formica wood bedroom set (pics to come once we dig them out). Our second bedroom has also become a dumping ground for things we are "going to sell", and we can't have that anymore. I hope I don't need an intervention soon!!! ;)

Happy Thirfting ALL!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dolly Pups!

Now I know that this blog is supposed to be about me and my gloriously thrifty finds, but I just couldn't help but share, and give a little plug for my friend Dolly who I simply ADORE!

She has a super rad company called "Dungaree Dolly" and this gal does it all! She makes the cutest purses and accessories, but she also makes aprons, dresses, and ware for your doggies!

her site!!!

I ordered all 3 of my little pigs new harnesses made specially by Miss Dolly herself!! When they arrived yesturday I could hardly contain myself! They're all so darling! plus, they're super rugged, secure, and EXTREMELY well made, which is great for walking all my little pullers! Plus they all came in the cutest of retro fabrics.


So here are my girls modeling their new digs!

Clemmy got green leopard to go with her collar (also made by Dolly) . Such a ham! <3

lil' Bitty in "Metro Dot" so cute!

...and Penny in green starbursts. I really wish she would pose better! The princess hates having her picture taken!!


Most of Dolly's stuff is made to order but if you just can't wait (like me usually) here's her etsy page!

I have a ton of her purses! Here I am as Dolly Gal Miss September 2009 with just a few of my DD's.

Anyway, guess it's time to go for a walk!
Thanks Dolly!!!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

scores this week

Being on a tight budget really sucks sometimes. Especially when you see so many things that you REALLY want to covet. Ebay is the absolute WORST for me. My watch list is so over loaded I don't think I can add anymore auctions to it without having to erase something! This week though, I simply could NOT help myself....

I finally found some atomic fabric--at an AMAZING price I might add--that I'll be making drapes for our living room from =)

4 yards of vintage barkcloth in PERFECT condition for 27 bucks WITH free shipping????UM,  YES PLEASE! We have one giant window in our living room, and the only thing that's been covering it since we moved in has been a set of standard mini-blinds (GROSS!) Every piece of fabric that Matty and I can actually agree on either is WAY too expensive or there's just not enough of it available. But now..we win (awesome!) and we can cross that off our list of living room "needs". :)

I also scored these 2 Royal China "Star glow" glasses for around $2, which now gives me a total of 8 in this design and will fill up the 2 lonely spaces in my 8-holed glass carrier!


 We actually don't use the Royal China for our, well....china,(^^we use Taylor smith Cathay for our daily ware)  but I really just adore the royal china glasses. Which by the way, speaking of TS Cathay...if anyone sees the following items for sale anywhere (via interweb) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! :::

the cream and sugar set. There's a set on ebay right now for $29.99 but they've been on there for a while, and I'm hoping that the seller comes down on their price eventually... even just a tiny bit will make it worth it to me.

the giant serving bowl. I always seem to MISS these when they're up for sale =(

and the range salt and pepper shakers. These always seem to be so overly priced it's silly. Plus, they're usually over priced  "replacements"  (knock offs) and where's the fun in that???

Please let me know if there's anything out there I can find for anyone as well. It's not ALWAYS about me. even though, I'm sure Matty would tell you different ;)

Also, on a Halloween side note, we also scored 3 small/medium (various size) pumpkins from some boy scouts yesturday for $1 (for all 3). How'd did we get so lucky!? Plus, it's crazy that I've been so busy that I haven't even bothered to decorate for Halloween yet, shame on me, but this small purchase definitely put in me good spirits (no pun intended) for my FAVORITE American Holiday!!! weeeee! I'll post pics after we carve them. I can't wait!

I guess that's all for now. happy thrifting!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

atomic ranch mag.

My neighbor found this magazine a few weeks ago, and was totally shocked when I nor Matty knew nothing about it!  She gave it to us as a pleasent little gift.

Isn't she the best!?

Anyway, Matty and I are all in a tizzie over it! There's a ton of websites and stories of regular joe's and their atomic homes....well regular joe's with money--either way, it doesn't mean I can't drool over the pages, right?! I believe it's available at Boarders for those of you that are interested.

Here's the website also:

Some of it IS a little posh and too contemptory but see what you think. I might be perchasing their coffee table books if I can find them cheap/ free enough.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

cabinet capers...

So I came across this hutch/cabinet that I adore and would love for my kitchen. Matty's not too keen on it. What  do you folks think?? It has all the original chrome hardware, and bread tin drawer =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Road Warriors

This past weekend Matty and I went on one of our little adventures to pick up 3 Tulip Chairs that he found on ebay for 10 dollars!!! NOT EACH. ALL 3~!!!!!
 of course the only catch was we had to pick them we drove almost all the way to Gettysburg to get them from Philly, which was pretty much a hike, but absolutely worth it! They are missing their cushions and need to be cleaned up (Matt will definitely hit these up with some steel wool and wax on the bases), but other wise they're in GREAT shape!

Two of them fit in the back of my Focus and here's a shot of Matty taking the lone trunk rider apart. he's so darn handy!

On the way home we found what was clearly was the BIGGEST GoodWill ever seen in this history of Goodwills!!!!! Of course we stopped!! Here's a pick of one of the "wings"... it was like a warehouse! The picture so doesn't even do it justice. It was like the Grand Canyon of GoodWills.

I really wish we had more time and more trunk space!! We came across these chairs that we really liked but have never seen them before. Anyone know what these could be??

I would definitely redo the cushions, but they were in pretty could shape, all four were available and they came with a table which I couldn't get a really good pic of because it was near some other furniture that no one would move away from long enough for me to get a good shot of. They could be Deco tube chairs but the cushions push them up a few decades. Please let me know if you have any itea! I love the shape, I'm just not completely sold on them. We got the number of MEGAGoodwill so if we decide to drive ALLLLLL the way back out to the boonies we'll know our journey wouldn't be in vain since they said they would hold them for us if we called them.

We did score on a few little things though:

I got this super cute souvenir Florida bowl, a yellow stoneware mug for work, and finally a non-cracked napkin holder to go with my camping salt and pepper shakers. Here's a pic of those:

I know that these are more late 60s early 70s, but they're too cute! This set was a promotional item for the St. Labre School for Native Americans which was founded in 1884 in Montana...I have a pretty decent S&P collection which I'll def have to post someday soon! I'm so proud of it!

We also got a hawaiian shot glass that says "suck em up" on it and. arrrrrrrrr, I hate it when they put stickers all over everything....but I love that white vinegar cures a case of the pricetag "stickies". ;) ....and Matty got a glass with a target on the outside that when you look through it, it aims at a spy on the inside. WEEEE! We love peep hole glasses!

Sadly,I had to pass on a few things namely a robin egg blue Melmac platter, with matching cream and sugar, 6 coffee cups, 2 bowls, and 2 plates. They were too far gone scratch-wise and surprisingly way too overpriced for their condition. =( I can't complain though, we've had a great couple of weeks!

Last week we scored 4 sweet Mies chairs!

and the week before that a Burke chair in WHITE!!!!???? I still can't believe it! SERIOUSLY! AND WITH THE MATCHING OTTOMAN!!!?? too crazy! I love you, New Jersey.

Matty's also been stoked on his Norman Bel Geddes Desk. Totally deco and in beautiful shape, it just needs striped and painted/ or coated. Here's a pic of a redone one. It reminds me of something out of a Detective Film Noir movie:

Anyway, I guess that's it for now! I'll post pics of stuff as we fix 'em up! Time to walk the piggies, find my leopard snuggie and enjoy the rain!I'll leave you guys with the most awesome pic of the weekend. Matty sitting on a Tulip Chair on the Mason Dixon Line. So glad we didn't get shot at