Sunday, October 10, 2010

scores this week

Being on a tight budget really sucks sometimes. Especially when you see so many things that you REALLY want to covet. Ebay is the absolute WORST for me. My watch list is so over loaded I don't think I can add anymore auctions to it without having to erase something! This week though, I simply could NOT help myself....

I finally found some atomic fabric--at an AMAZING price I might add--that I'll be making drapes for our living room from =)

4 yards of vintage barkcloth in PERFECT condition for 27 bucks WITH free shipping????UM,  YES PLEASE! We have one giant window in our living room, and the only thing that's been covering it since we moved in has been a set of standard mini-blinds (GROSS!) Every piece of fabric that Matty and I can actually agree on either is WAY too expensive or there's just not enough of it available. But now..we win (awesome!) and we can cross that off our list of living room "needs". :)

I also scored these 2 Royal China "Star glow" glasses for around $2, which now gives me a total of 8 in this design and will fill up the 2 lonely spaces in my 8-holed glass carrier!


 We actually don't use the Royal China for our, well....china,(^^we use Taylor smith Cathay for our daily ware)  but I really just adore the royal china glasses. Which by the way, speaking of TS Cathay...if anyone sees the following items for sale anywhere (via interweb) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! :::

the cream and sugar set. There's a set on ebay right now for $29.99 but they've been on there for a while, and I'm hoping that the seller comes down on their price eventually... even just a tiny bit will make it worth it to me.

the giant serving bowl. I always seem to MISS these when they're up for sale =(

and the range salt and pepper shakers. These always seem to be so overly priced it's silly. Plus, they're usually over priced  "replacements"  (knock offs) and where's the fun in that???

Please let me know if there's anything out there I can find for anyone as well. It's not ALWAYS about me. even though, I'm sure Matty would tell you different ;)

Also, on a Halloween side note, we also scored 3 small/medium (various size) pumpkins from some boy scouts yesturday for $1 (for all 3). How'd did we get so lucky!? Plus, it's crazy that I've been so busy that I haven't even bothered to decorate for Halloween yet, shame on me, but this small purchase definitely put in me good spirits (no pun intended) for my FAVORITE American Holiday!!! weeeee! I'll post pics after we carve them. I can't wait!

I guess that's all for now. happy thrifting!


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