Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dolly Pups!

Now I know that this blog is supposed to be about me and my gloriously thrifty finds, but I just couldn't help but share, and give a little plug for my friend Dolly who I simply ADORE!

She has a super rad company called "Dungaree Dolly" and this gal does it all! She makes the cutest purses and accessories, but she also makes aprons, dresses, and ware for your doggies!

her site!!!

I ordered all 3 of my little pigs new harnesses made specially by Miss Dolly herself!! When they arrived yesturday I could hardly contain myself! They're all so darling! plus, they're super rugged, secure, and EXTREMELY well made, which is great for walking all my little pullers! Plus they all came in the cutest of retro fabrics.


So here are my girls modeling their new digs!

Clemmy got green leopard to go with her collar (also made by Dolly) . Such a ham! <3

lil' Bitty in "Metro Dot" so cute!

...and Penny in green starbursts. I really wish she would pose better! The princess hates having her picture taken!!


Most of Dolly's stuff is made to order but if you just can't wait (like me usually) here's her etsy page!

I have a ton of her purses! Here I am as Dolly Gal Miss September 2009 with just a few of my DD's.

Anyway, guess it's time to go for a walk!
Thanks Dolly!!!


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