Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glorious findings this weekend

Surprisingly, we didn't have any huge purchases this week, but we did find a few fun things that made me squeal with a little delight so of course I've decided to post them. =)

Deal of the WEEK:  this cosco stool in MINT condition (just needs a little cleaning, no rips in the seat and seriously NO rust--which equals no elbow grease for me OR Matty) and we got it for 5 bucks!!!!

please don't mind Matty phone's charger, the fixed hole in the wall, or our laundry basket....OOPS!

even the label was still in awesome shape!! Now to sell or not to sell?! We already have a yellow one in this style:

...and hence the reason why it's surrounded by all that crap! haha sorry about that.

We also scored some melted plastic popcorn decorations

And we got the vintage little cardboard pumpkin for 25 cents at the thift store a block from our house. WEEE! Matty strung them up with thread so they hang in the window. Seriously, how fun are they?!?! AND at 80 cents a piece you can't beat it! It's strange I've seen these little ghosties go for quite alot on ebay but I feel like I see them every where??...all well, glad I finally got a few, myself! I'm still looking for the Thanksgiving turkey, indians and pilgrims...<3

I'm such a sucker for these!!! so holiday user-friendly!

We also got this crazy thing....we THINK it's a wine or liquor rack

At first I was REALLY skeptical. the wood was really dry and dirty.Here's the bottom of the piece, if you can imagine the rest of it looking like this you would have passed it up too when you first saw it. It actually looked home-made to me.

but Matty stood by it and with a little help from our good friend Old English...
the wood looks super healthy!
It's defintely danish too. If you turn it over there's a label burned into the wood.

Matty's been doing a little research and he told me he found out that "DANSK" is a danish company that made/makes bar and kitchen items. That man of mine sure has a great eye! We don't have the room for a bar in our current house so right now we're using it as a plant stant.

Either way, it's growing on me. Anyone know anything else about this piece that we might have missed??

and last but not least, Matty finally got the his skinny trash can that will fit in the crook between his desk and the wall.

aww, adorable!

Anyway, next week is going to be filled with treasures! Matty and I are both off this coming weekend, and we are going to pick up the cabinet I listed a few posts ago. I CAN'T WAIT! plus, we are finally renting our storage unit for some of the overflow we've accumulated. Our basement is a little too musky for our danish dining set and my grandmother's blonde 1950's formica wood bedroom set (pics to come once we dig them out). Our second bedroom has also become a dumping ground for things we are "going to sell", and we can't have that anymore. I hope I don't need an intervention soon!!! ;)

Happy Thirfting ALL!!

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